Performance at Kittay House

Shule children had a wonderful visit at Kittay House in the Bronx, where they sang, recited poetry, played instruments, and got to know residents. So meaningful for all involved. We are so grateful to Kittay House leaders and residents, and to EJ and Emma for organizing and leading. Some quotes: 

“The tenants love to spend time with kids like these who are so real and genuinely involved. We were certainly impressed by their talent, but, most important, by their true menschlechkeit.”

“Thank you EJ and Emma for making the rivers of so many talents, years, and lives flow together in one afternoon. It was an amazing experience for everyone.”

“It was an extraordinary day, very meaningful on all sides. The appreciative audience gave back as much as they received. I know that Noah left understanding the importance of the visit and also having had a wonderful time.”


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