Martin Luther King Day 2015

Martin Luther King Day of Learning, Service and Action 2015

Thank you to all who helped make this year’s MLK Day program so meaningful. Hannah and Emma, you brought your knowledge and sensitivity as activists and educators to put together a program that in less than an hour, taught civil rights history and got us right into important intergenerational conversations about today's struggles. Then we took to the streets with our beautiful banners.

EJ, thank you for all you do to help our community help others, for connecting us with wonderful organizations, for setting up bag-lunch making, for folding and gluing one hundred cards so our kids could bring birthday wishes to seniors, and for bringing so much joy to service.

And thank you to all for your and your kids' reflective and fired-up participation and for providing bag-lunch supplies. Special thanks to Josh for filling in the gaps in what was needed and driving the lunches uptown. Please know that the lunches helped feed families later that day.


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