B’nei Mitsve 2014

Dear Shule,

On behalf of Will and Mateo, we wanted to convey our profound gratitude to have been able to celebrate with the Shule community the joyous occasion of the Bnei Mitzve of Mateo and Will.

We were particularly glad that the children of the Shule were so receptive to the presentations and will now have additional models for what a secular Bar Mitzvah, Workmen's Circle-style can be.

To the adult members of the community we thank you for the palpable warmth and support you lent us by your presence. Thank you all as well for bringing food to share with the community – so tasty and colorful.

To Kolya a "groys dank" (huge thanks) for the ways you mentored the boys during their research, boosted their Yiddish literacy skills and helped them to conduct important videos with family and Shule members.

To Deborah, a shout out for your skilled tutelage in helping the boys in learning to chant in YIDDISH their respective Torah portions and in helping the boys to make meaning of these readings. As if that was not enough you encouraged the boys to bring forth music and harmony, and of course masterfully conducted the ceremony.

To Hannah we wanted to express our abundant gratitude for the commitment to social justice you so sincerely model as you guided and continue to guide the boys toward "tikkun olam" (repairing the world) in ways that make sense to who they are. And viva your accordion (intermingled with Deborah's violin) which brought joy and inspired our dancing.

Thank you as well to Beth Zasloff who patiently and behind the scenes, did so much to coordinate the entire Bnai Mitzve year. To Eva (and everyone else who pitched in setting up and cleaning up) the food and chairs your efforts are greatly appreciated. Lauran, we also wished to thank for her lovely photographs, which will serve to preserve the memory of the event.

There was something really special about celebrating the boys' Bnei Mitzve in the same space where, for years, they have grown up and learned about Jewish history and culture and to do it with all of you as a community in which we affirm our collective, Jewish identity and our commitment to a better world.

Thank you so much,
Carla and Erland

Gold Picasa Gallery