Moving Up Ceremony 2013

What amazing work our kids produced this year! 

In their last-day presentations, the Alef-Beys class started us off with a musical journey led by Zach. 

The Giml-Daled class shared the fantastic movie they wrote and starred in, directed by Judy and featuring dramatic interpretations of ethical maxims from the classic text Pirkey Avot.

Afterwards, led by Paula, they performed Yiddish songs with skill and verve. 

Hey and Vov presented their class journal featuring the poetry, posters, and reflections they created with Hannah in their core/social justice class. 

The B’nai Mitzvah class presented their core, family history, and social justice projects.  They were delighted to receive Workmen’s Circle mementos from their beloved teacher Kolya. 

Have a great summer everyone!