Shvues 2013

Shvues celebrates the harvest and the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. As a secular community we celebrated with learning, culture, social justice, and food.

Deborah led a wonderful program modelled on the tradition of staying up all night to study Jewish texts on Shvues, recently adapted into multi-faceted celebrations of Jewish culture.

With our special guest gardening teacher Esther Gottesman, kids dissected seeds and learned about how they grow.

Paula, Hannah, and Zach led a poetry-slam style writing workshop, complete with Yiddish words and Jewish holidays. With Judy and Deborah, kids learned about gleaning in the Bible.

Judy prepared a beautiful presentation on the the Shvues tradition of making paper cuts.

And the b’nei mitsve class introduced their fabulous social justice projects. Make sure to check out their website,, and support their upcoming bikathon.

Thank you to Lauran and Lisa B for bringing “the best blintzes I ever had” (overheard quote) and to everyone for making this a beautiful celebration.