Khanike (a.k.a. Hanukkah) 2012

Everyone pitched in to make this a beautiful and delicious celebration.

Kolya started us off with “Khanike extreme memory.”  The b’nei mitsve class lit candles with blessings they composed, honoring people, qualities, and communities they value.  The teachers led their classes in Yiddish and Hebrew songs. Carla, Karyn, Jeff, Jilleyn, Seth and Rachel made latkes.

Jilleyn provided dreydls and gelt for all.  EJ created a “stained glass” project to warm up our fluorescent lights (Saul’s idea).  EJ also invented and led “musical latkes”: kids have to get out of the hot oil and onto a latke when the music stops.  Hannah’s accordion and Zach’s sax got everyone moving.