September 2012 Community Picnic

Our school’s new year officially began with our community picnic on Sunday, Sept 2, featuring Labor Songs for Labor Day in Central Park.

Teachers Perl and Hannah led us in Yiddish songs of work and struggle. A highlight was a reprise of the song we sang with the Klezmatics at Yiddishfest—“Ale Brider,” celebrating our secular Jewish identity and universal brother- and sisterhood. Our chorus of "oys" attracted the attention--and participation--of curious onlookers.

The kids climbed on rocks, played Hannah’s accordion, made new friends, and got psyched for shule!

Thank you to new members, community members, teens, and our honorable presidents emeritus Nick and Lauran for traveling to midtown Manhattan from Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and Harlem.

Here are some photos of from the Community Picnic: