Judith Bro Pinhasik

Judith Bro Pinhasik has taught Yiddish, core Jewish ethics, and history at the Midtown Workmen's Circle Shule since 2007 and has spoken Yiddish for 16 years. Her son Joey graduated from the shule's 2012-2013 B'nei Mitsve class.

Professionally, Judith was an actor for fifteen years, and is currently development director for Yugntruf-Youth for Yiddish and co-director of the kinder program at Yiddish-vokh, a total-immersion Yiddish-language summer camp.

Judith was also development director for Living Traditions, and raised money for their KlezKamp and Yiddish cultural programming.

For over fifteen years, Judith has been a member of the Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus, which performs works entirely in Yiddish. She has a BA in Political Science and an MA in Film History and Criticism.